Children’s Liturgy

Coordinators: Patrick Morris – 07880 734 088 and

Angie Scullion – 07929 550289

Fr. Darline is a great advocate for the youth and encourages young people to take part in the Mass, the children’s liturgy and the church community.


Patrick Morris, one of the longest serving parishioners organises various events throughout the year, for example to The Youth Rally at Honiton for ages 8 -16 and bowling. Patrick aims to reinstate the yearly visit to Lourdes where children from this Parish have journeyed in order to help disabled children. 


Currently we are fortunate to have Elizabeth Dillon, a young catechist teaching the children using ‘The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book’ by Katie Thompson as one of the teaching aids.


The week before Sunday Mass the catechist prepares the lessons for the children’s liturgy by studying the readings for the coming Sunday.  


The experiences the children have had that relate to the readings are discussed, and how we learn from the scripture using the word of God in our every day lives. 


This is food for thought outside of the Mass as we go about our daily routines in the the week ahead.


Prayers are said before, during (the bidding prayers) and at the end of the lesson. During the lesson the order of the Mass is followed, saying sorry to God (the penitential rite) after the introduction prayer. The children’s Gloria, is said or sung and then the Gospel for the day is read. A discussion follows about the Gospel and the other readings that tie in with the homily that week. Children are actively encouraged to speak about their own experiences and lessons learnt from the readings. 


On returning to the Mass, after the bidding prayers and before the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the children are encouraged by Father Darline to step onto the altar to speak to the congregation about what they have learnt. 


This not only promotes involvement in the parish but also allows them to be part of the service.

Christine, the organist and retired music teacher, teaches the children new songs and practices songs for special events in the Masses. The parish community understands the importance of the youth. The older parishioners help by using their wisdom and knowledge teaching the children how to be the future of the Holy Catholic church, helping our community to grow and flourish.


Jesus Said 

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”