Churches Together

Christians Together Okehampton


C T O exists to help build healthy relationships between Christians in our member Churches, striving for unity whilst respecting each other’s freedom and variety of traditions and beliefs. (Opening paragraph of the agreement which is signed annually by Church leaders).


Membership of the C T O includes All Saints” Church, Fairplace Church, Inspiration, New Life Church, Okehampton Baptist Church, St Boniface, and the Quakers (Society of Friends). Leaders of Churches are automatic members plus up to two lay members of each Church.

As member Churches they pledge

  1. to pray for each other in their Services and continue to worship together regularly,
  2. support the member churches by appropriate publicity, by discipling ourselves to speak well of each other and grow in mutual understanding,
  3. work together to identify and support joint initiatives were working together may be more effective than working alone,
  4. consult and communicate with each other in areas which may be of concern of all,
  5. regularly review our relationships and pattern of working to make them as effective as possible.

C T O meets at least four times a year, normally in a Church that has appropriate facilities.  They consider involvement in any future activity in Okehampton, such as Her Majesty’s jubilee civic celebration, and the Okehampton Show.  They also support the “Shine” weekend, a visit by s South Wales organisation on the first weekend in September to preach the Gospel to the people of Okehampton.


Other regular events are the quarterly combined service in each Church in sequence, a Prayer Breakfast every two months  hosted by each Church in sequence (normally in the Baptist Church as they have  the facilities), the combined Good Friday observance, and support for the Street Pastor organisation in Okehampton.